Experience North Korea Indirectly

Nick is a vblogger managing his own youtube channel, “Indigo traveller”, and he is also has Facebook and instgram account to interact with people . He has 230,907 readers and he is traveling around the world to show his readers the world by exeriencing it on his feet.

What was the most interesting theme was about The North Korea. It is very close from here but it is also unknown place for the Koreans in South. I have never been to the North Korea, of course, so it was really caught my eyes.


Nick tells us every foreingers have to be followed a guide in every moment and be controlled what they take pictures. That means, foreingers can visit the country, but they have to see only what the country wants to show them.  In the first video, Nick entered the North through China. He took a airplane to Pyeng Yang. What a funny, the hamburgers provided looks really terrible. He said its service was very good, but I could imagine his face after eating the burger. The first scence that I saw was little surprising. There were lots of cars and big buildings than I’ve thought. Also, I could see a beautiful hotel like Lotte Tower in Seoul. It started constructing in 1987 and it’s inside is in construction until now. I also could see the statues of Kim Jeoung un. It has to be in full frame to take pictures of it because  it can be a insult.  The pictures of him were all around the street or public places like stations, squres. People have to show respect on them when they pass by. It is really strict.



The second video is about the first day adventuring the North. Nick participated in Children’s day celebration. Many children are clapping like robot and doing acrobatic movements. How could the young children listen their teachers so well? It was amazing. Some kids aproached him and insulted him pushing their toy guns. Maybe Nick accepted it just joking because he cannot understand Korean. I assumed that  the young and pure kids learn that the americans are all bad guys, maybe. I thought the kids like poor frogs imprisoned to small well.

Honestly, I was surprised by the buildings in North. It was well constructed and beautiful like any famous city. The people are also well dressed and looks clean. What I have thought about the image of North was poverty and strict military. However, It was very different with my thoughts. Nevertheless, I think there would be an unfairness and forcibleness behind the scence. I recommend watching this video to Koreans in South. They should recognize how the North Korean lives. We have to be more interested each other for the better future.



>>Here are drewbinsky’s blog visiting the North Korea.





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